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Wellness Grand Fontana Dispenser

Wellness Grand Fontana Dispenser

Start thinking about water in a new dimension. Where elegance meets functionality. Where drafting a glass of water from a fountain is more than just quenching your thirst. Create pure water that tastes fresh like spring water in a beautiful vessel with an elegant vial full of precious gems. This is where VitaJuwel Grande is born from perfection. A gem water fountain like no other. Designed in the German alps, VitaJuwel Grande stands for clarity and purity.

Wellness Blend: This basic, well-balanced composed of three quartz improves perception, intuition & empathy, has an enlivening & vitalizing effect, encourages inner stability & creates a sense of well-being. Quartz was used to inspirit water for hundreds of years. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates and soothes the mind and that rose quartz fosters tranquility.

Physically, all regulatory mechanisms are harmonized; the brain & nervous system (Amethyst), hormonal system, energy & water balance (Quartz), as well as the circulation & the heart (Rose Quartz). Thus, this mixture supports the balancing of all bodily functions.


Customers find gemwater with this harmonic blend to taste smooth and mild.

Create your own spa oasis with our Grand Fontana gemwater dispenser! The Grand Fontana holds  5L / 1.3 gallons of water.  It has an extra-large top opening to make cleaning easy. The Grand Fontana includes the decanter, lid and faucet, and the glass stand. Welcome to a new dimension of gem water by VitaJuwel!

Every decanter is individually hand-crafted by Bohemian glassblowers and is lead-free.
This was our shop dispenser & may show signs of wear.

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