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Vision Wand

Shungite & Clear Quartz
Crystal Edition, Available for a limited time, while supplies lasts.

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision." - Dalai Lama. Jet black Shungite is truly a visionary stone Like diamond, it is a form of elemental carbon. It is mined in the remote Russian region of Karelia, where Czar Peter already made use of Shungite's purifying properties. Discover water completely anew with this gem from another world and its fascinating crystal image, taken by the HadoLife lab, which was co-founded by Masaru Emoto. Share our vision to make gemwater an enlightening experience for everybody.

It brings forth positive blessings & positive results, helping you know what is beneficial for a better & healthier future. Shungite has electric conductivity properties, shielding & protecting from electromagnetic radiation. Helps with calming, detoxifying & purifying your body by absorbing & eliminating any negative energies. Infuses your aura with light, allowing only positive & beneficial energies to reach your body. 

Physically it’s used for a healthier immune system, hair growth, skin disease cancer & bone density. It is considered by many to be a miracle healing stone & is called the “Stone of Life.”

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