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AURA-SOMA is amazing system of healing with Color, Plant and Crystal Essences originally from the UK.  Tiffany is now offering sessions.  A session consists of Tiffany holding the Pomander collection in your auric field and you choose one vial that you are attracted at this time.  Then she will spray the essence into your left palm and show you how to rub it into your auric field and then inhale 3 times deeply.  Then we will read the corresponding information about the color you chose.  We will then do something similar with the Quintessences.  This is a very soothing, enlivening session.  This is a great complement  to the crystal bed or any daily practice.  For a full explanation of Aura-Soma please visit

This is a new practice for Tiffany, she plans to learn more and expand her abilities with Aura-Soma as she is so excited about this collection and  healing modality.  She thinks it's actually the best one yet that she has found and looks forward to sharing it with you.

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