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Tiffany Peay Jewelry, LTD is located at 3851 Main Road in the historic district of Tiverton Four Corners, which is the home to many high-end retail shops, artist studios, antique shops and gourmet eateries. Rhode Island supports the arts so many of the handmade fine arts, including Tiffany's collection, are available sales tax-free. Tiverton Four Corners is part of the Farmcoast, a picturesque rural area of villages and farms with views of stone walls, salt marshes, church steeples, harbors, and fields that reflect the rural quality of 19th century New England.

Tiffany's studio is located in the enchanting village of Tiverton Four Corners, RI. Tiffany has been creating her one-of-a-kind fine jewelry there for twelve years among the high-end shops, galleries and gourmet eateries. The amazing team, headed by Hannah Soares, is knowledgeable and friendly and takes pride educating the customer on gemstones and sharing Tiffany’s techniques and passion. Tiffany and Hannah handpick the gems and pearls in February during their annual trip to the Tucson Gem Show. Tiffany creates one-of-a-kind fine jewelry where color, movement and healing are the trademarks. The jewelry embodies a light spirit and playful vitality that allows the wearer to make an elegant and unique statement: a modern heirloom. A variety of gold colors are used to complement unusual varieties of gemstones & pearls noting their subtle hues and inner radiance.


We are excited to share our new expansion into energy work and will also be known as Tiffany Peay Healing Arts.The Tiverton Four Corners shop is a comfortable and inspiring environment for creating, learning, healing and positive energy. In addition to Tiffany’s handmade jewelry collection we will feature beautiful and healing VitaJuwel GemWater, Crystal Light Therapy, Vascular Therapy & Reiki on Wednesdays.

GemWater, a collection of water bottles and wands that feature healing gemstones to enhance the vitality and improve drinking water. These useful objects raise the vibration of you and your environment. GemWater is a perfect complement to Tiffany Peay's handmade jewelry and mission. GemWater combines the growing interest of healing crystals and healthy drinking water with an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use bottle or wand. The sophisticated look of these incredible objects makes them a stylish addition to any health conscious household and an amazing gift for anyone who is into healing and gemstones. Crystal Light Therapy is a unique and gentle healing modality from Brazil that aligns your chakras & connects you to your highest self. For a limited time, we are offering a 20-minute session as a gift with any GemWater purchase. Vascular Therapy is our newest addition, an amazing modality designed to improve circulation, which supports the body’s natural self-regulating processes. We can be healthier & more productive when our cells, tissues & organs are adequately nourished & our metabolic waste products are removed.

Robert Lee offers quantum healing/reiki, which is a healing technique attuning to your highest self.  It's good for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and a host
 of other conditions. It works at the deeper levels of the subconscious
mind to promote healing & allowing your blockages to flow.  Robert administers by placing hands and channeling energy to specific areas of the client’s body while they either sit in a chair or lay on a treatment table whilst fully clothed. It is based on a number of interpretations; the primary ones being that our bodies have an electro-magnetic field that can become blocked during times of stress or that we possess a “life force energy” that flows through us and can become blocked or stagnated thus causing illness. In China this energy pattern that flows is known as “Chi” and in India it is known as “Prana.” If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy, healthy and experiencing wellness and calm. Robert will be offering special rate sessions, $80 for 60 minutes. Call the shop to schedule your session today 401.816.0878. 



Tiffany Peay Jewelry LTD is celebrating 22 years in business. After receiving a BFA in metalsmithing and glassworking in 1993, Tiffany moved to New York City to follow her dreams of designing jewelry and exploring the many facets of the jewelry business. Tiffany Peay Jewelry started in 1997 in Tiffany’s sixth-floor walk-up apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

After only three years of working in the industry in New York, Tiffany created her own line of jewelry and launched her original moving stone ring collection at Barneys NY.   She was represented by Fragments in SoHo for several years, which helped expand her clients to Neiman Marcus, Barneys Japan, Saks Fifth Avenue, Banana Republic, Harvey Nichols as well as many small high-end retailers across the US.

In 2000, Tiffany Peay Jewelry opened her own gallery & showroom just next door to the Stanton Street, Lower East Side studio. The shop featured Tiffany’s full collection of jewelry and presented many talented visual artists.

Tiffany Peay Jewelry moved production to the Massachusetts/Rhode Island area in 2003 and then opened her Tiverton Four Corners location in 2007.   At this time, there was a gradual shift to focusing on her own retail shop. Tiffany Peay Jewelry LTD is available here on her extensive website, in the studio/shop in Tiverton, as well as a few jewelry galleries in the US.

Tiffany takes pride in her work and appreciates her capable staff. We look forward to sharing the jewels with you and helping you select the perfect items. Making you feel beautiful while also receiving the power of gemstones is one of our greatest pleasures.

Tiffany Peay Jewelry has been featured in many national and local magazines and blogs including Travel & Leisure, Yankee, Boston Globe,, InStyle, Brides, Self, JCK, and The Bay as well as many more.

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The majority of Tiffany's collection can be seen at the Tiverton Four Corners studio and gallery.

Small collections are available at the gallery listed below.

36 1/2 Union Street
Manchester by the Sea, MA 01944
Elaine Souza 



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