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Gemstone Attributes

Gemstone Attributes
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Agate cleanses the aura by eliminating negativity; soothes & calms

Amazonite assists one in communicating ones true thoughts & feelings

Amber potent healer; clears the mind and eases stress
Amethyst aids sobriety & recovery; aids meditation; heals heart & lungs; relieves headaches

Ametrine releases negativity from within the aura; aids weight loss and helps you to release addictions
Apatite increases motivation; draws off negativity about oneself and others
Aquamarine brings tranquility & sharpens the mind for creative self-expression

Azurite helps to relieve stress and will enhance your creative gifts; assists in retaining information; helps you to let go of stress, anxiety, worry, grief & sadness; 

Bloodstone protects one from negative environmental influences; provides courage

protects travelers from danger; aids to treat disorders of the heart & spine; promotes cheerfulness and marital love; maintains youthfulness & energizes one

Calcite increases & intensifies energy; promotes learning & healing

Carnelian gives off high energy & provides motivation & optimism

Cats Eye balances brain hemispheres for stronger insight & self-assurance in decision-making
Chalcedony protects & calms; keeps away nightmares 

Chrysoberyl assists one in striving for excellence; brings peace of mind & increases self-confidence 

Chrysocolla encourages communication, compassion, forgiveness, peace & strengthening of emotional bonds

Chrysoprase encourages a state of grace & deep meditation

Citrine associated with optimism & sustainability; encourages clear thinking

 aids one to be calmer,  increase your self-confidence; fix blood pressure related problems; improve money & property related issues; improve relations with your siblings

Diamond enhances inner vision; stimulates creativity, imagination, ingenuity, opening the mind to the "new" and possible

Emerald improve one’s memory and intelligence; enables one to think clearly about the past, present & future

Feldspar known as the stone of creativity; supports in issues relating to self-awareness and self-love; assists in finding misplaced items

Fluorite cleanses and stabilizes the aura; increases concentration, self-confidence, and decision making; improves coordination both physically and mentally

Garnet releases anger to purify body; enhances imagination & increases serenity helps express emotion; opens ones heart to love and compassion

Grey pearl signifies faith charity and innocence; known as “stone of sincerity”

Hematite grounds and protects; enhances memory

Herkimer Diamond amplifies other gems attributes; provides extreme clarity; helps to move one's life forward in many aspects
Imperial Topaz brings prosperity & abundance to the wearer; supportive of visualization, creativity, manifestation & generosity
Iolite connects one with the inner self & promotes simplicity

Jade soothes nervous system; clarify ones purpose

Jasper brings tranquility & wholeness; provides protection & absorbs negativity

Kunzite encourages the energy of love to fill your life & create loving relationships; aids you to lift your mood & helps heal emotional problems, such as anxiety, stress, panic & fear.

Kyanite opens communication & aids creative expression; dissolves anger & frustration while calming the mind; aids in reaching dreams & goals

Labradorite wards off negative energies from the past & enhances self-reliance

Lapis releases stress & brings harmony; allows self expression

Larimar increases speech & communication skills; promotes an open mind to changes & improvements; softens the stress & tension that problems bring protection; absorbs negative energy and pollutant from atmosphere and body
Mookaite eliminates negative energy
Moonstone allows one to focus on nurturing oneself; aids dieting & slows cancer

Morganite attracts love, evokes peace, joy & inner strength; helps to appreciate life
Mother of Pearl heightens intuition; protection from negative influences; repairs deep wounds created by unfulfilled needs
Obsidian powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura; rids of disharmony build up
Onyx aids in banishing grief & breaking bad habits

Opal helps maintain focus; enhances confidence & self reliance; brings spontaneity

Pearl balances moods, absorbs toxins & may intensify thoughts

Peridot soothes bruised egos; releases guilt & past burdens
Phosphosiderite aids stress; strong heart based energy
Pink Pearl nurtures faith, loyalty, integrity, and purity; re-balance deficiencies in the body
Prehnite aids in protection; stimulates energy; calms fears & restlessness

Pyrite provides energy; overcomes inertia; helps to see behind a facade

Quartz directs energy to healing and meditation

Green Quartz nourishes the body; provides openness & compassion

Rutilated Quartz encourages creativity & finding a positive direction

Smoky Quartz promotes endurance & energy during stressful times

Rose Quartz generates self-confidence; promotes inner peace; rejuvenates the skin

Ruby produces passion & energy; linked to good circulation

Sapphire rids unwanted thoughts & brings fulfillment

Scapolite helps eyesight; mental clarity; known as a stone of problem solving and achievement
Selenite brings intuition & psychic awareness through its influence on the Third Eye Chakra; dispels negative energy, protects
Serpentine guards against disease; helps find inner peace

Sillimanite maintains alignment & focus; aids in ones physical well-being

Sodalite stimulate creative ideas; aid communication
Sunstone provides a new perspective
Sugilite teaches and protects in matters of spiritual quests love, and forgiveness; protects you from negative entities
Tanzanite strengthens immune system; detoxify the body and improve vitality 
Tiger Eye increases wealth & vitality; enhances courage, physical strength & passion

Topaz relieves tension & enhances awareness; releases fears & depression

Tourmaline calms nerves & quiets the mind; promotes balance & understanding

Turquoise (Stone of Life) calms the mind; protects & balances relationships

Vasonite helps find balance when emotions are in turmoil; releases pent up anger
White Pearl promote good health
Zircon symbol of healing; drives away evil spirits & nightmares 
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