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Focus Water Bottle

Red Jasper, Sodalite, Orange Calcite, Brown Agate, Aventurine & Clear Quartz

The percentage of water in our children‘s body is more than 70 %. Especially during phases of growth, drinking a sufficient amount of healthy water is imperative. A kid‘s sensation of thirst is not fully developed. It has to be regularly reminded to drink. Drinking enough fresh water enhances concentration and the ability to learn. VitaJuwel Kids with its colorful and bright tones will turn "magic water“ water into the new favorite beverage of your children.

This colorful blend connects you to your inner child. Elevates one’s endurance, creativity, concentration & the ability to learn & set goals. Allows one to be balanced & promotes optimism & joy in one’s life. Brings physical strength, confidence & self-esteem to overcome any task. Drinking enough fresh water is important for one’s health. Be a kid again.

Hint: Get a Kids wand & pitcher and pour the "magic water" into a kid friendly cup.

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