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Tiffany Peay Jewel Box features unique artists & shows throughout the year. Please join our mailing list to stay informed about artists and openings.

Peter Dickison ~ Available May 2017

Peter Dickison, native of Rhode Island, studied painting at the Swain School of Design in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the Yale University Summer School for Art, and the Parson's School of Design Graduate Program in Painting.

After school, Dickison was studio assistant to the artist Nell Blaine (1922-1996), whose exuberant spirit for life and painting was a strong influence.  As Assistant Teacher for Drawing with the Cleveland Institute of Art in Lacoste, France, he worked with drawing professor Leonard Stokes, taught landscape and figure drawing, and painted prolifically in the landscape of Provence.

He has exhibited at the Prince Street Gallery in New York City, SUNY Purchase Art Gallery, the Newport Art Museum, Crowell's Fine Art in New Bedford and Deblois Gallery in Newport.  He is currently on the faculty of the Newport Art Museum.


Kathrine Lovell ~ NOW Available

Currently a selection of Kathrine's work is availble through Valentine's Day 2017.  I was born in Sydney Australia, but grew up primarily in New Jersey.  I now live in Tiverton Rhode Island.  I came to Rhode Island to go to RISD where I received a BFA in painting.

I don't know when art hit me.  It hit me before I knew it was something.  I always loved to draw, was entertained by it.  I drew all the time as a kid, made up stories for myself with pictures.  In fourth grade I remember doing other kid's art projects for them because I couldn't get enough just doing my own.  When i was about 10, my mother let me paint with her, using her paints.  It was very exciting. I don't remember what we painted, but loved the feeling of the brush and mixing color, watching the paint pour off the brush onto the paper.  I'm still am crazy about that. 

I like to work in acrylics because I am a very fast painter, I don't like waiting for oils to dry.  The body of my work is in acrylics.  I like to start with a very smooth surface.  I work on wood; Birch plywood.  Then I make the surface rough with layers of paint and crackling.  I do lots of sanding and layering of color.  Then I often grid out the surface and start to draw patterns.  I use copper and gold leafing in my work to create different textures and patterns. Painting the patterns helps me sort out what the picture will be.  I rarely know what the final image will be when I start, but sometimes it is very clear.


Willie Saint James~Past Show

"Ever since I can remember I have loved painting landscapes. As the years have passed I have been very fortunate to earn my living as an artist. However as my work has increased in value it has become more difficult for young people and new collectors to appreciate my work. Thus Willie Saint James, my nom de plume so to speak, was born. Hopefully under this name I can offer my work as affordable art for all."


Chris Wyllie ~ Past Show

by Chris Wyllie

Chris Wyllie’s Tenth Annual Ornament Show & Paintings, Nov-Dec. 2015, helped welcome Tiffany Peay Jewelry as a pop-up version of the shop to Newport.  It was a fabulous event, thank you all who joined us!  

Chris Wyllie’s work explores issues of beauty, desire and the legacy of a historic material culture. His command of the medium harnesses the energy of the discarded remnants and anchors them firmly in the moment and experience of the viewer. Through the subtle use of line and of color mixed with the natural patina of the chosen object, he welds image, technique, and medium together seamlessly in his paintings. Chris Wyllie is currently based in Los Angeles, CA and his hometown Newport, RI. or check him out on Tumblr.

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